Student Testimonials

“Thank you – for giving us so much solid learning in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Treating us as professionals and helping me to find skills I didn’t know I had.”

“I feel that this is the ‘gold standard’ of courses. (I have attended some excellent courses and have gained new knowledge and insight from them. The organization of this course was of a very high quality. The handouts, lending library, digital recorders, food and venue were all excellent. Parking was free and not limited. Most importantly, the quality of the co-trainers and guest speakers were all fantastic, offering a broad spectrum of experiences, learning and approaches.”

“Everything had been thought out, and of a very high standard.”

“The amount of work proposed seemed quite daunting initially, but the organization, pace and support was so good that it made it all manageable.”

“The practice sessions were so helpful in terms of regular feedback which really supported professional development for me.”

“I liked the atmosphere, which was inclusive, professional, respectful, and it was also a lot of fun. The lending book library was fantastic. I found this a unique and inspiring learning opportunity and the course handouts are an excellent resource. It felt like we all worked together in our learning experience as equals, including our trainers.”

“Variety of teaching methods was excellent. Really addressed people’s different learning styles. The quality of the information provided was excellent. The clarity of the assignment briefs was also excellent. Feedback was given fairly and constructively. Although very ‘serious’ course – interspersed with humour and lightness. Very challenging.”

“Kathy is creative, informative, generous with her information, answers questions no matter how daft with patience and clarity. Always checking we understand, very organized. Really knows her stuff.”

“Variety of teaching methods played to all learning styles. Good mixture of serious work and humour. Up to date knowledge and expertise. Willingness to share her own journey in supervision. Very encouraging. Also very challenging.”

“Kathy has a well-paced and flexible style of delivery. She carefully regulates this to ensure the group is engaged in the learning. She also manages to balance fun and the seriousness of our learning to promote us becoming professional, safe, ethical supervisors very well.”

“The course was very well organized. I enjoyed the personal commitment of the trainers.”

“I really liked Kathy’s style – very clear, willing to share her experience both professional and personal. Caring, supportive and a wonderful sense of humour.”

“I liked Mags manner in the groups a lot.”

“I had expectations of this course, and they were fulfilled – perhaps reflected in the pricing of the course and the content.”

“The course was very well structured with clear instructions on what was expected of me as a learner. I knew exactly what I needed to do to fulfil the criteria from start to finish.”

“Focused, clear, stuck to the outline never became ‘tired’ (although I did!)”

“I felt so supported on this course – not only via tutorials but due to Kathy’s availability and accessibility between weekends and when I was writing my assignment.”

“I may not be perfect, however I know what I need to consider, to practice appropriately as a Supervisor from attending this course.”

“Working as a supervisor is a huge responsibility and needs to have a solid training, such as this one, to be ‘safe’ and offer safety to Counsellors and their Clients.”


“Being able to draw from their collective years of knowledge, experience, advice and individual approaches was immeasurable and one that I will always remember and continue to draw from.”

“it really stresses the responsibilities of being a supervisor and appears to leave no stone unturned in this respect.”

“the course provided me with all the tools I need to develop as a Supervisor.”


“It’s a very comprehensive, well organized and very well delivered course.”

Quality of the course is excellent, stimulates new learning, challenges one to reflect on your practice as a counsellor and a developing supervisor. Encourages diversity.”


“I think the ongoing CPD opportunities are great. The ability to network and maintain contact with colleagues in such a potentially isolating profession due to the nature of our work is very important.”