Adv. Diploma in Counselling Supervision

Accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision

This course consists of weekend training delivered over consecutive months. The Advanced Diploma is for those who are able to demonstrate that they can study at postgraduate level (Level 7). We offer this course in Spring and Autumn every year and we are currently preparing our 50th presentation. It is important to state that this programme of learning is integrative and experiential in style and is not following a specific or purist theoretical modality. Delegates will be qualified counsellors/psychotherapists fully established in their theoretical underpinnings and willing to integrate and apply this learning into their own model of working. (Previous graduates have been experienced practitioners working in the Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Integrative, Eclectic, T. A., Psychosynthesis, CBT, Gestalt and other theoretical models).

NCP supervision dip

The course is accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP). This course is only available to qualified counsellors/psychotherapists who have attained a minimum counselling qualification of Ofqual Level 4 or equivalent. KRCS happily comply with the NCP processes to ensure external scrutiny of our training. In addition we employ an external examiner (approved by the NCP) to demonstrate how seriously we take external validation of our work.

Over the past 20+ years the supervision course has been delivered in Somerset, East Sussex, Worcestershire, Hampshire, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

We are currently receiving applications for the following course presentations:

Autumn 2022 to be held in Bridgwater, Somerset

10/11 September

8/9 October

5/6 November

3/4 December

7/8 January

4/5 February

Spring 2023 to be held in Derby, Derbyshire

25/26 February 2023

25/26 March 2023

22/23 April 2023

20/21 May 2023

17/18 June 2023

8/9 July 2023

For further information and application form please use the form below:

In September 2015, Kathy was invited by the Psychologists Protection Society to speak at their AGM in the University of Syracuse, London on the subject of “Working with Ethical Dilemmas in Supervision”: